About Us

QCCO is Cincinnati's premier orchestral experiment. We fuse aspiring professional musicians with advanced community players to form a top-notch listening experience that can be enjoyed by everyone!  

Shawn Charton

Mr. Charton wears many different hats for QCCO. First and foremost he is the founder.  He is also the artistic director, conductor, arranger, and principal keyboard player.  You might even find him conducting from the keyboard. 

As artistic director, he tries to program music that is recognizable, easily accessible and enjoyable by a wide variety of people. With his background in education, Mr. Charton sees QCCO as an opportunity to learn more about the world of music and then share what he has learned with the community.  With that goal in mind, he has worked proudly to create QCCO as a non-profit education business aimed at enriching the community.

Evan Sacks-Wilner

Mr. Sacks-Wilner is currently a tuba performance major at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.  Originally from Princeton, NJ, he has been the personnel manager for Queen City Chamber Orchestra since 2019.  While maintaining his work load and busy performing schedule, he somehow finds the time to provide invaluable assistance finding players for QCCO gigs, negotiating their contracts, and navigating any and all complications that come his way.  He will make his QCCO debut in June 2019 at the Oldenburg Arts Festival where he's scheduled to play the piccolo part for Stars and Stripes on the tuba. 

Philippus United Church of Christ

Queen City Chamber Orchestra fosters a close relationship with Philippus United Church of Christ. Located at 106 W. McMicken, Philippus is right in the heart of Cincinnati's brewery district. It is a growing and  very supportive congregation for us. Philippus provides both office space and a performance space for QCCO. The acoustic is top notch (especially from the balcony) and the historic Over the Rhine building is simply gorgeous. It is fondly known as the church with the finger pointing to heaven on the steeple. We are truly lucky to be partnered with Philippus!